This is one activity toy of epic proportions! The 5-panel Wall Game Airplane makes a busy wall once it is mounted. Includes a wire bead maze, spinning disc activity, magnetic race board, labyrinth, clock, and more!

  • A wire bead maze for developing fine motor skills
  • A spinning disc with beads inside stimulates the auditory senses
  • Magnetic race and track board promote dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • A labyrinth encourages the development of problem-solving skills
  • A play clock will spark interest in time telling and numeracy
  • Spinning gears will ignite curious little minds
  • Perfect for waiting rooms, indoor playgrounds, childcare centers


This multipurpose wall toy is visually appealing and features a wonderful airplane picture. It will encourage hours of interactive play for kids playing alone or in small groups while they learn to work together. It is composed of five components, each of which has a unique set of manipulative exercises meant to promote hand-eye coordination and fine motor abilities. Wire bead, sound-activated rolling disc, labyrinth puzzle, magnetic trace and track game, and clock with revolving hands. Playing together brings people joy. The item has dimensions of 180 x 66,2 x 5, in centimetres.

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