The items on the croc-tacular sensory wall are:

Good for developing fine motor abilities are wire beads.
a labyrinth with three movable form blocks—a square, a triangle, and a circle—that you may advance down the trail.
You must arrange three puzzle cubes with animal graphics into a whole in order to build problem-solving abilities, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills.
The Crocodile sensory wall panel will become your wall’s new best friend since it is big enough for several youngsters to enjoy the pleasure while still being tiny enough to leave plenty of room.

Don’t wallow in boredom with our Crocodile Activity Wall Panel! With this scaly buddy at your side, your day won’t drag whether you’re at work, school, or just waiting for your number to be called. Give your walls a little extra kick and have a blast with the fantastic fun of the Crocodile Sensory Wall!

Its chic wooden design is ideal for adding a beautiful accent to your home, place of business, or waiting area while offering a stimulating outlet for sensory exploration. This fantastic sensory wall play will keep you from wanting to “alligator” yourself away!


This amusing sensory wall item in the form of a crocodile promotes social play, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills, and even strengthens tiny legs if they stand up!

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