Introducing the Easel for Kids—an incredible tool that offers a double-sided drawing board, catering to both blackboard and whiteboard activities. It also features a storage tray to keep chalk, crayons, markers, and other art supplies. This easel is the perfect catalyst for nurturing your child’s imagination, creativity, and hand-eye coordination, providing hours of engaging and productive play.

Key Features:

  • MATERIAL: Crafted from non-toxic, safe, and high-quality plastic, the Easel for Kids ensures durability and safety. Its rounded edges are designed to prevent any potential injuries.
  • LONGEVITY: This Easel stands out for its quality, proudly 100% Made in India. It’s a toy that’s built to last and provide enduring enjoyment.
  • INTERACTIVE: The double-sided drawing board adds versatility to the play experience. Whether blackboard or whiteboard, coupled with the storage tray, it encourages your child’s creativity, imagination, and hand-eye coordination.
  • SKILL DEVELOPMENT: The Easel for Kids serves as a wonderful platform for toddlers to enhance both their fine and gross motor skills through creative activities.
  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR: Lightweight and easy to transport, kids can enjoy the Easel for Kids indoors or outdoors, sparking creativity and learning anytime, anywhere.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: With measurements of 56x68x107cm, it’s ideal for ages 2 to 4 years.


The Easel for Kids is more than just a toy; it’s an educational tool that supports development while fostering artistic expression. From drawing and coloring to imaginative play, this easel is an excellent addition to your child’s playroom, providing endless opportunities for growth and creativity.

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