The Standy Display Easel is more than just a surface—it’s a gateway to exploration and learning. Its versatile design caters to different artistic preferences, making it an essential tool in your art lab or activity room. From collaborative projects to individual expression, this easel serves as a versatile platform that nurtures creativity and fuels inspiration in every stroke and scribble.


Introducing the versatile Standy Display Easel, a dynamic addition to your art lab or activity room that offers a dual-sided creative canvas. This easel is thoughtfully designed with one side featuring a marker board and the other side a chalkboard, providing endless opportunities for artistic expression and learning.

On the marker board side, students can unleash their creativity using colorful markers, allowing their ideas to come to life. Whether it’s sketching, writing, or illustrating, this side of the easel encourages free-flowing imagination and vibrant creations.

Flipping to the chalkboard side brings a different tactile experience. The timeless charm of chalk allows for hands-on drawing and writing, fostering a connection between the artist and their medium. Students can experiment with different textures and techniques, enhancing their artistic skills.

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