• SOFT FOAM CLIMBING BLOCKS – Funny climb & crawl toys are made of friendly foam filler fully covered by soft & smell-free polyurethane material. Enjoy your wonderful parent-child time.
  • CHILD SAFE MATERIALS – We are proud that our foam activity toy sets meet and exceed safety and industry standards. In addition, with no rigid construction and no sharp corners, this playset prevents accidental injuries. Our open play set ensures softness as well as provides strong support, which gives your child a safe space to move and explore, toddle, and tumble!
  • PRACTICE SENSE OF SPACE & BALANCE – The fun of multiple combinations of Blocks stimulates the child’s imagination. Climbing & crawling increased control and balance of limbs. Our colorful foam play sets are perfect for indoor use, like living rooms, amusement parks, kindergarten play areas, children’s training institutions, and shopping mall rest areas.
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN — soft, durable polyurethane material is easy to clean; wipe with a mild soap-and-water solution; children should remove shoes before use.


Introducing the Soft Ship Slider, a captivating addition to play schools, nurseries, and kindergartens that invites young adventurers to set sail on imaginative journeys. Measuring an impressive 7’0″ x 2’0″ x 3’0″ in size, this play structure promises exciting and safe exploration for little ones.

Crafted with care, the Soft Ship Slider boasts a sturdy plyboard base, ensuring durability through countless adventures. The core is cushioned with heavy-duty foam, providing a comfortable landing and ensuring secure playtime fun. To enhance both tactile delight and visual appeal, the structure is expertly covered with high-quality synthetic leather that mimics the allure of a real ship’s deck.

Designed to spark creativity and physical activity, the Soft Ship Slider allows children to climb aboard, slide down, and embark on thrilling voyages of their imagination. Its engaging presence promotes gross motor skills, balance, and coordination, while the nautical theme fosters storytelling and cooperative play.

Ideal for play schools, nurseries, and kindergartens, the Soft Ship Slider combines entertainment and learning seamlessly. Its meticulous construction ensures longevity, while the synthetic leather covering offers easy maintenance. Let the Soft Ship Slider become a centerpiece of play, discovery, and endless fun as children explore the seas of their own creativity.

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