The Interlocking Play Mat, 12mm Thick and sized at 600 x 600mm, is a versatile and practical solution for creating a safe and comfortable play area for children. These interlocking mats are designed to offer cushioning and protection while accommodating various activities.

With a thickness of 12mm, these mats provide a soft and supportive surface for kids to play, crawl, and explore. The added padding helps absorb impact, reducing the risk of injuries during playtime.

The interlocking feature allows for easy assembly and customization of the play area. You can easily connect the mats together to cover the desired space, creating a seamless and well-padded surface. This feature also enables you to adjust the size and layout of the play area according to your needs.

The mats are commonly used in playrooms, nurseries, daycare centers, and other spaces where children engage in activities. They offer protection for young ones as they develop their motor skills and explore their surroundings.

In addition to safety, these mats also provide insulation against cold or hard floors, making them comfortable for both play and rest. Their durability and ease of maintenance add to their appeal as a practical solution for creating a child-friendly environment.


The Interlocking Play Mat, 12mm Thick and sized at 600 x 600mm, strikes a balance between safety, comfort, and convenience. It’s a versatile addition to any space where children play and learn, offering a padded and supportive surface that promotes their well-being and enjoyment.

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