The EPDM Sandwich Track, described as the School Decor track SW, is a high-performance athletic track system that has received IAAF certification. Known for its water impermeability and spike resistance, this track system is designed to meet the demands of training and competition. The structured top layer further enhances its versatility by allowing usage even during wet or rainy conditions. Here are the key features, applications, and conditions for the EPDM Sandwich Track:


  1. High Performance: The EPDM Sandwich Track is designed for exceptional performance, making it suitable for both training and competitive events. Its characteristics are tailored to enhance athletes’ experience and outcomes.
  2. IAAF Certified: The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) certification attests to the track’s compliance with international standards, ensuring that it meets the necessary criteria for official athletic competitions.
  3. Water Impermeable: The track’s water impermeable surface prevents water penetration, maintaining consistent performance even during wet conditions. This feature is crucial for ensuring athletes’ safety and maintaining the track’s integrity.
  4. Spike Resistance: The track’s ability to withstand the impact of spikes ensures its durability, even with frequent usage of spiked footwear by athletes.


  1. Jogging Track: The EPDM Sandwich Track is suitable for jogging tracks, offering a supportive and comfortable surface for joggers of all skill levels.
  2. Walking Track: For walkers seeking a smooth and comfortable walking surface, this track provides an excellent choice. Its cushioned properties reduce impact on joints.
  3. Running Track: With its IAAF certification, the EPDM Sandwich Track is optimal for both training and official running competitions. Its consistent surface and spike resistance contribute to enhanced performance for runners.

Application Conditions:

  1. Sub-Floor Temperature: The sub-floor temperature should be a minimum of 10°C and 3°C above the dew-point to ensure proper application.
  2. Optimum Application Temperature: The ideal application temperature is 20°C, which helps ensure proper adhesion and performance.
  3. Maximum Atmospheric Relative Humidity (R.H.): The track should be applied in an environment with a maximum relative humidity of 85%.
  4. Storage: Store the product exclusively in its original packaging within a cool, dry, and well-ventilated space.
  5. Substrate Preparation: Before application, ensure that the substrate is dry, clean, and free of greasy substances. It’s recommended to conduct a test application to verify adhesion properties if any doubts arise.


In summary, the EPDM Sandwich Track, including the School Decor track SW, is a top-tier athletic track system with IAAF certification, offering water impermeability, spike resistance, and a structured top layer. It’s suitable for jogging, walking, and running tracks, and adhering to the recommended application conditions is essential to ensure proper installation and performance.

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